July 23, 2017

Weight Lifting Programs

      Have you been to the gym and needed a plan? Having a plan is so important to feeling successful and being successful! There are lots of options to choose from with Mom on the Move, LLC. And each option is for you and your price point and goal.   FULLY CUSTOMIZED WEIGHT LIFTING PROGRAM -  These programs are top of the line, month long fully customizable programs for your needs, schedule, and goals. These are accessible through a app with videos of … [Read more...]

April 10, 2017

To The Mama Just Barely Fitting It In….

To the Mama just barely fitting it in... To the mama that doesn't have the time, and is always running late... To the mom, who's had a bad day, and can't even THINK about anything else. To the mom who doesn't know where to start, but knows it needs to happen. I GET YOU! We all have bad days, and days we can't quite seem to make it "fit." We all have days that don't go as planned, and the kids get sick and you just need ONE more cup of coffee that doesn't seem to make any … [Read more...]

December 14, 2016

Kindness Always Wins

There was never a time in my life where it was more apparent that I needed a support tribe than during my weight loss journey. I think that is probably true for anyone going through any type of major life change. And some people support you, and some don't. That's life, right? The biggest support system for me besides my husband was the women friends I met through my gym. I found sisters in these women. I found love and support in these women. They shared similar interest, journey's, and … [Read more...]

December 4, 2016

Coconut-Banana Bread

  So if you've been following me you know I am a sweet-aholic. And I am on a sugar free cleanse for a few weeks now. Well, more like a "don't eat the kids cookie dough in the fridge" type of cleanse. So I've been finding other ways to get my sweet tooth fix in a healthier way. This past weekend I got super domestic (not like me at all), and all betty crocker like and started to bake, and bake, and bake. I had a ton of over ripe bananas so I did make a lot of things involving … [Read more...]

November 27, 2016

Giant Guilt Free Reese’s Cup

  I have been having a serious sweet tooth recently. It's bad. Like really bad. Chocolate, sugar, and any type of treat is pretty much my weakness. Not feeling restricted is absolutley key for me to be able to stay on track with my fitness goals. Period. That has a lot to do with having healthy alternatives to those sweet treats I want. I love healthy sweet treats because it almost feels like a 'cheat meal', but it's not. So count me in! For thanksgiving this year I made a pecan … [Read more...]

November 20, 2016

Why Doing Things That Suck Make Us Better

I recently had someone ask me in relation to my most recent show prep, "Why do you do this if it's hard?" I guess the question slightly took me off guard. But it was a valid question. I didn't have to do anything "hard." Why would any of us choose to do things that make us uncomfortable or things that aren't "fun" all the time, and by choice? Are we all losing it? From my perspective, hard things are the most worth while things in my life. After all, hard does not mean impossible. But hard … [Read more...]

October 5, 2016

4 Tips on Holiday Splurging Success

With the holiday's around the corner, staying on track can be a scary and somewhat daunting thought. There's Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's.....all the holidays that involve food, drinks, and festivities. It's the time of year where the weather gets cooler, and we love to be comforted by sweet treats and savory meals. In my opinion it is the best time of year because we are reminded of the joy of family and friends. But it could be very easy to forget your weight … [Read more...]

September 20, 2016

Macros….where should you start?

So you've heard all this talk about Macros and Flexible dieting. And honestly after you figure out what it is, then you have to go through the overwhelming task of figuring out what numbers to start with. Once you already understand the main ideas behind flexible dieting you are ready to move on and figure out what numbers to use. If you haven't read my blog explaining what IIFYM is, and the concepts behind it, read it here first. HOW TO SET CALORIE LIMITS FOR WEIGHT LOSS HOW IIFYM CAN … [Read more...]

September 16, 2016

How to Deal with Body Image Rebound after a Competition

If you have ever done a fitness competition, or are thinking about doing a fitness competition, this is something that you should know about. The competition body image rebound. What is it? Well, for me it was a weird feeling of my perception of my body, and the reality of my body not matching at all.   Why does it happen? For a show you get super lean over a extended period of time. It happens pretty slowly over a period of weeks. Getting show lean requires a body fat … [Read more...]

September 15, 2016

How to Set Calorie Limits for Weight Loss

So you are trying to get on track with tracking food and it's hard to know where to start. I get it, there is so much information out there. How do you know what tools to use, and what numbers to start with? It's confusing! One of the things I like to recommend to all of my clients is fitness pal. It's a free app on your phone for tracking calories and macro nutrients for people looking to be consistent in their health goals. If you haven't checked out my last blog on flexible dieting, … [Read more...]