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February 29, 2016

9 Weeks to a Lean Mean Yogi Machine (week 1-2)

Meet my friend Yvonne. She's pretty much the cutest, right............ We were college roommates and have known each other for years. Yes that's us getting ready to toga it up, back in 1999. Gotta love band parties. Ok, back to present day....she's a amazing yogi, who owns her own studio in Vail, CO. She helps others learn and develop in their yoga practice, all while being a momma of 2. She is on a journey to get lean for a photo shoot and has trusted me enough to help … [Read more...]

February 26, 2016

6 Tips for Tackling the Weight Room as a Newbie

Getting started with weight lifting can be really intimidating and overwhelming for a newbie. I know when I first started lifting I imagined stepping on to the weight room floor would be a lot like going into a wild jungle of testosterone fulled wilderbeasts, ready to judge me on my every wrong move. I was so nervous I would use one of those cable "thingy's" wrong, and and God forbid if I dropped some weights and everyone looked at me and saw through my newbie'ness'. The truth is my concern … [Read more...]

February 21, 2016

Never Apologize for your Enthusiasm for the Fit Life

I am the type of person that jumps feet first into something with crazy enthusiasm. I always have been that way. Like when I was 8 and decided I wanted to be a fashion designer, so I worked day in and day out for weeks on a giant portfolio of designs for my potential 'gig' in 20 years. In my 8 year old mind all I thought was that it was possible, and I couldn't allow myself to be anything less than excited about it. Flash forward 26 years, to when I started my fitness journey with the same crazy … [Read more...]