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March 30, 2016

Mommy Don’t Eat That, You’re on a Diet

"Mommy don't eat that, you're on a diet"....are words that came out of my 6 year old son's mouth one day as I was holding a cookie, about to stuff it in my mouth. All these thoughts went through my head, some which were "why does he think I'm on a diet," "I'm pretty sure I've ruined my child's innocence," and "I'm quite possibly the worlds worst mom." In any regard I'm pretty sure kids aren't supposed to know or even say the dreaded 'D' word. Diet is never a word I have never … [Read more...]

March 29, 2016

How to Clean Your Fitness Gear Correctly

This is a guest blog post by Reece Hawkins. Working out is a great way to stay fit and healthy all year round. However, it can be challenging to keep your outfit clean and smelling good. Here are a few tips to maintaining your gym clothes and shoes in tip-top shape. CLEANING ATHLETIC SHOES As bad as you want to toss your gym footwear in the wash and let the machine get the job done for you, it is not recommended that you submerge any of your sports shoes. The best way to go is to … [Read more...]

March 26, 2016

9 Weeks to a Lean Mean Yogi Machine (Week 5-6)

So by now you all know my awesome friend Yvonne, the yoga instructor slimming up for a photo shoot. Yvonne has completed her first 4 weeks of training and diet. She is down 8 inches already! Yeah! That is definitely something to be celebrated. She is feeling good and starting to feel the changes in the way her clothes are fitting and in the definition and shape in her body. The calories and macro breakdown in Yvonne's food plan changed in week 3-4 and she definitely felt the … [Read more...]

March 21, 2016

Be a Creative Genius on the Weight Floor

I am a creature of habit. I love my routine and my schedule. Some might refer to my love of routine as *cough,cough*....'boring.' But I like to think of it as being a maven of schedulingšŸ˜. Routine and habit is great in a lot of ways. It keeps me on my game, and allows for consistency. But sticking to the same old routine and habits in weight lifting isn't really that beneficial. I mean, after a while your body adjust to your routine...and let's be honest it does starts to get a bit dull … [Read more...]

March 12, 2016

9 Weeks to a Lean Mean Yogi Machine (Week 3-4)

Remember my friend Yvonne? You know, the one that owns the yoga studio in Vail, trying to lean up for a photo shoot in T-minus 7 weeks! Well she is finishing her 2nd week on her training program (Week 1-2 on previous blog post). She is down 6 inches already and that was with a family trip to the east coast. And we all know traveling and dieting are hard! I'm pretty sure she is like the perfect client. The first two weeks she got her gym routine down doing full body weight workouts, … [Read more...]

March 6, 2016

Have Your Wine & Drink it Too…..and still be fit

When I was in my weight loss phase I tried almost every diet out there. Well at least the ones that were popular at the given moment. Brace yourself, there were a lot. First there was the Atkins diet, yeah remember that one! It just was so much protein. SO. MUCH. PROTEIN. I ended up dreaming about bread and craving carbs so badly it hurt. I did juice cleanses and during those all I wanted was some freaking protein! Then there was LA weight loss. Talk about uncomfortable. That little stint … [Read more...]