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July 31, 2016

Chicken Tenders with Low Sugar BBQ Sauce

  I had someone ask me the other day how I balance my diet with my family's eating habits. Well, my kids are kids. They like PB & J, pizza, and chicken nuggets just like every other American kid. They are not on a diet, nor should they be. I do believe in balance in my own life and my families lives. I try to help my kids get a balance of foods they like with new healthier options to try. I want them to learn to branch out, and get the idea that sometimes we eat food because it is … [Read more...]

July 19, 2016

Fitness On the Rocks: Feels like Home

A few weeks ago I got to participate in the Fitness on the Rocks. It's an outdoor fitness extravaganza with multiple workouts, small and large group sessions, exhibits, vendors, music and all out fun. It really was an awesome day, and I'm slightly embarrassed to say it was my first time ever to the red rocks amphitheater which was an absolutely breathtaking view. Last year I was planning to go but blew my knee out about 2 weeks before the event, so needless to say I missed it. This year … [Read more...]

July 13, 2016

One Surprising Thing You Should Never Say to Someone Who’s Lost Weight

  Anyone that knows me, knows that my weight loss after babies changed my life. The journey to health absolutely rerouted the path and direction of where my life and happiness was headed. When someone loses weight, there are a lot of things that happen emotionally, mentally, and physically. Everyone sees the physical changes, and of course that's what people usually comment on. But the mental and emotional changes are so much more important, and the true root of the … [Read more...]

July 10, 2016

Mocha Protein Popsicles

This is a easy and yummy summer treat. I really like these times of treats that are just enough to help spice up the usual menu for the day. It is very easy to throw together! Ingredients: 10 oz coffee 1 scoop Veggie Elite Chocolate Mocha Protein Powder 1 1/2 cup almond milk unsweetened vanilla Directions: Blend 10 oz of coffee and 1 scoop of the MRM Veggie Elite Chocolate Mocha protein powder. Pour the coffee mocha mixture into Popsicle mold, so it fills only half of the molds. Pop the … [Read more...]