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November 27, 2016

Giant Guilt Free Reese’s Cup

  I have been having a serious sweet tooth recently. It's bad. Like really bad. Chocolate, sugar, and any type of treat is pretty much my weakness. Not feeling restricted is absolutley key for me to be able to stay on track with my fitness goals. Period. That has a lot to do with having healthy alternatives to those sweet treats I want. I love healthy sweet treats because it almost feels like a 'cheat meal', but it's not. So count me in! For thanksgiving this year I made a pecan … [Read more...]

November 20, 2016

Why Doing Things That Suck Make Us Better

I recently had someone ask me in relation to my most recent show prep, "Why do you do this if it's hard?" I guess the question slightly took me off guard. But it was a valid question. I didn't have to do anything "hard." Why would any of us choose to do things that make us uncomfortable or things that aren't "fun" all the time, and by choice? Are we all losing it? From my perspective, hard things are the most worth while things in my life. After all, hard does not mean impossible. But hard … [Read more...]