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December 14, 2016

Kindness Always Wins

There was never a time in my life where it was more apparent that I needed a support tribe than during my weight loss journey. I think that is probably true for anyone going through any type of major life change. And some people support you, and some don't. That's life, right? The biggest support system for me besides my husband was the women friends I met through my gym. I found sisters in these women. I found love and support in these women. They shared similar interest, journey's, and … [Read more...]

December 4, 2016

Coconut-Banana Bread

  So if you've been following me you know I am a sweet-aholic. And I am on a sugar free cleanse for a few weeks now. Well, more like a "don't eat the kids cookie dough in the fridge" type of cleanse. So I've been finding other ways to get my sweet tooth fix in a healthier way. This past weekend I got super domestic (not like me at all), and all betty crocker like and started to bake, and bake, and bake. I had a ton of over ripe bananas so I did make a lot of things involving … [Read more...]