February 21, 2016

Never Apologize for your Enthusiasm for the Fit Life

imageI am the type of person that jumps feet first into something with crazy enthusiasm. I always have been that way. Like when I was 8 and decided I wanted to be a fashion designer, so I worked day in and day out for weeks on a giant portfolio of designs for my potential ‘gig’ in 20 years. In my 8 year old mind all I thought was that it was possible, and I couldn’t allow myself to be anything less than excited about it. Flash forward 26 years, to when I started my fitness journey with the same crazy enthusiasm. I’m pretty sure I drove everyone nuts talking about my workouts, the best fitness apps, and my gym shoes. But on I went, loving my journey and knowing I could prove to myself and to others that this was not just a temporary blip in my path to being healthy & fit.

I met the road to fitness with full guns blazing. After a while I started to notice some bumps in the road. By “bumps” I mean people. These people did not share my enthusiasm for fitness and health….baffling, I know! I mean how can you ‘not’ love Nikes and protein shakes? But really it wasn’t the Nikes and protein shakes at all, it was more the fact that my whole world was changing and their place it in might be changing as well. Now, it did take me a while to start noticing their disapproval. And honestly it was probably because in their minds they thought this jaunt into the world of weight lifting would be short lived, and then I’d move on with my life. But it wasn’t. Normally I would have compromised and been careful not rock the boat. But this time was different. This time I decided to not apologize for my enthusiasm for the fit life.

So what did I do? Well, I had to pull up my big girl pants and do what was right for me no matter how uncomfortable it was. I said goodbye to friends that couldn’t support me, I ignored people who judged me, and said no to activities that didn’t fulfill me. I made a conscious decision to surround myself with people who were positive and supportive. Was it sad, scary and upsetting changing my world around to fit a lifestyle that I aspire to? Yes! But it also would have been sad, scary and upsetting if I didn’t.

If you are on your fitness journey and haven’t experienced these ‘bumps,’ just prepare yourself. They could be strangers or people you’ve known for years. They could be comments that sting or relationships that break. Change is scary, and the effects of change can come out in many different ways. Just think of change like the deep dark unknown, and when you say your going there…panic strikes. Of course people freak out. They don’t know what is going to happen. It is up to you to stop apologizing and compromising your excitement to be the toned down version of yourself. Take charge, follow your dreams, and allow yourself to be nothing less than excited about your fitness journey. So jump feet first into the unknown with blissful abandon, like the 8 year old you once were. And never apologize.
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