April 13, 2016

9 Weeks to a Lean Mean Yogi Machine (Week 7-8)

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Quick update for anyone who hasn’t been following the previous post. My friend Yvonne, is a yoga teacher doing a photo shoot this summer. She wants to lean up a bit before her shoot, so I designed a food and workout plan to help fit her needs and lifestyle. I’ve been posting the workout routines and food plans at the bottom of each post.

Over the last 6 weeks Yvonne has been a perfect client. She is nailing her workouts and food plan. She is getting outside a bunch for her workouts. She was sick in week 6, so she did take a few days off from the gym which is totally ok. I know if I go to the gym when I’m sick it can make a small cold turn into a brutal flu that will keep me bed ridden for days. So better safe than sorry.


Yvonne is down 8 inches, and had a milestone this week as she went to try on clothes and was down an entire pant size! I think if you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you know that is the best feeling of validation that all your hard work is paying off.

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Now Yvonne has 3 more weeks on a diet plan, and then she will be maintaining diet and weight during the summer for her photo shoot.

The next two weeks I am incorporating a carb cycling plan for Yvonne. It consists of 3 lower carb days which are the days I am planning out for her. And 4 “higher” or more moderate carb days. On those days Yvonne is going to be doing the planning. She is going to start counting macros, eat healthy non-processed foods and stay in her calorie and macro range. This is flexible dieting at it’s best…which is definitely gonna be a blog post for the future. I LOVE flexible dieting! It allows for weight loss goals to be met while not feeling so restricted on types of food. For me the variation is really the key to allow me to maintain my weight. And I think Yvonne will feel the same way.

Below is the food, workout, carb cycling plan!


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