July 23, 2017

Weight Lifting Programs

      Have you been to the gym and needed a plan? Having a plan is so important to feeling successful and being successful! There are lots of options to choose from with Mom on the Move, LLC. And each option is for you and your price point and goal.   FULLY CUSTOMIZED WEIGHT LIFTING PROGRAM -  These programs are top of the line, month long fully customizable programs for your needs, schedule, and goals. These are accessible through a app with videos of … [Read more...]

August 21, 2016

How to Embrace the Warrior Within and Train Like a Beast for the Warrior Dash

So you are gonna run the Warrior Dash? There is something so thrilling about the Warrior Dash. The obstacles, the challenge, the mud. What's not to like? When you are in a environment that truly allows you to challenge your physical and mental toughness, you really experience the rush of success. There is something so powerful about overcoming actual obstacles in the race. You can take the feeling of success back into your everyday life, and have the courage to tackle life's obstacles as … [Read more...]

August 7, 2016

At Home Plyo Workout

I am officially starting my prep season. I try to fluctuate training styles throughout the year, and during prep it changes a lot. I am adding in a Plyo day. There is something spectacular about being able to do these days at home in the morning, and being done for the day in 30 mins or less. I am very consistent with rest time by only taking 30 seconds in between sets to keep my heart rate up. Through my prep season I will be fluctuating rest times and working times to change the … [Read more...]