July 19, 2016

Fitness On the Rocks: Feels like Home

A few weeks ago I got to participate in the Fitness on the Rocks. It’s an outdoor fitness extravaganza with multiple workouts, small and large group sessions, exhibits, vendors, music and all out fun. It really was an awesome day, and I’m slightly embarrassed to say it was my first time ever to the red rocks amphitheater which was an absolutely breathtaking view.


Last year I was planning to go but blew my knee out about 2 weeks before the event, so needless to say I missed it. This year was different, my body was capable and healed and I was going! I had been looking forward to this event for over a year, and it did not disappoint.

Me and my friends started off the day on the main stage area with lots of body weight plyometrics, great instructors, and awesome music. Even though I work out quite a bit, plyometric high intensity workouts are not my normal, and man it was hard! But I took breaks when I needed them. I brought an apple which helped my energy levels about halfway through. I will say that if you plan to go, just be prepared with things to fuel your body properly whether it is snacks, drinks, BCAA, food in coolers…bring it. I should have brought more food.


It was really hot. Really really hot. The Fitness on the Rocks staff did a great job of supplying water in different locations, all over the amphitheater. It was easy to refill bottles when we needed it, and the guys coming around with misting spray were amazing! The exhibits were great. There were lots of interesting fitness classes and products on the upper area to check out including, boxing, cycling, food and supplement companies, sword workouts, pole dancing fitness, and new fitness equipment.


I am not a Colorado native, but I have to say there is just something so amazing about thousands of people working out together, jamming to awesome music and feeling inspired that just makes Colorado feel like home to me. I truly love this place. It was an amazing day of celebration of strength, empowerment, and love.



Thanks to Fitness on the Rock for an awesome experience! Click HERE for more info on Fitness on the Rocks! 

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