November 27, 2016

Giant Guilt Free Reese’s Cup



I have been having a serious sweet tooth recently. It’s bad. Like really bad. Chocolate, sugar, and any type of treat is pretty much my weakness.

Not feeling restricted is absolutley key for me to be able to stay on track with my fitness goals. Period. That has a lot to do with having healthy alternatives to those sweet treats I want. I love healthy sweet treats because it almost feels like a ‘cheat meal’, but it’s not. So count me in!

For thanksgiving this year I made a pecan pie for my family and thought “oh I’ll just try it.” Spoon in hand, and half a pie later (yup not kidding), the “taste test” went a little further than I had intended. So it’s time for me to get my sugar addiction under control. I’m going 2 weeks on a sugar cleanse to get back on track with my eating habits. I love sugary stuff, but for me it is absolutley a “trigger” food. I just have to be very careful and limit it in my daily diet.

So with no sugar, and needing a craving filled I have gotten pretty creative over the last few days getting my house filled with goodies I can actually eat. This new one is a favorite. I mean who doesn’t love chocolate and peanut butter, right?

Reese’s cups are one of my favorite. Not the Justin’s cups…they just don’t compare. Give me Reese’s peanut butter cups with all the sugar and chocolate goodness. Yes Please!

So here is my version, that I can eat…every damn day….yes!!!



4 Tbsp PB2

Stevia ( to taste)

1 tbsp of water

2 Tbsp Hershey’s Unsweetened Cocoa

1/4 c Avocado

1 Tbsp Sugar Free Syrup (optional)



Mix PB2 & Stevia (how ever much you like…I like sweet so I use a lot), and a little bit of water. Mix up to form a thick “dough like” consistency. Press mixed ingredients into the bottom of a bowl or container. Next, use a different bowl and blend up a bit more Stevia, sugar free syrup ( i like adding this in for sweetness and taste), hershey’s cocoa Unsweetened powder, and avocado. Mix all the avocado lumps out until it’s a smooth consistency. I like to taste this and adjust stevia as needed. I mean I don’t want my chocolate tasting like avocado…so make sure it taste good to you. Then layer the chocolate on top of the PB2 mixture. Place it in the freezer until frozen. Once it’s finished, I ran some warm water over the back of the bowl to loosen up, cut into 4 pieces, and ate the WHOLE thing! YUM!


168 calories total for the entire thing.

Macro Breakdown for the ENTIRE PLATE!:  Fat 9g/ Carb 15g /Protein 12.7g


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