January 18, 2016

Happiness Checklist 

I know there have been times in my fitness journey where I have to make a effort to be happy or maybe I realize that I’m not happy  and figure out how to change it.  Losing weight and getting fit is challenging for sure but there are things we can do to make it fun, and rewarding.  There are some steps that you can take to change the momentum of your feelings to happiness while getting fit.

◉Do what you love.

If you love it, do it!  There are so many options when it comes to fitness and health so there should be no reason you have to do something you don’t like.  Now, not liking something and being hard are two separate things.  Fitness and health is always hard.  But keep your mind engaged and interested by choosing activities that are fun.

◉Make healthy food fun.

If you can make your favorite Chinese food at home and do it while hitting your food goals for the day…I say that is a win win!  Feels like a cheat meal but it’s not a cheat meal.  You shouldn’t feel like you have to deprive yourself of fun foods to loose.

◉Make a support circle.

Sometimes losing weight and being fit can make us feel alone. But the best thing is, you are not! Talk to people at your gym, talk to your family and friends…make a support network for yourself of people who understand and who can be proud of you for all your hard work, and effort.

◉Positive self talk.  

All that non-sense, all those harsh words that are in your head need to get OUT! Try to consciencly make a effort to stop the negative self talk and replace negative thoughts with belief in yourself and the process and being grateful for little accomplishments and where you are in your health journey.

◉Ignore the negative!  

This is BIG!  There is so much negative out there.  It is important to not let others negativity eat away at your self confidence, your belief in yourself, and your goals.  Just do YOU!  I know I’ve come across negative on my lifestyle from gym goers and non gym goers.  The thing is..it’s my life and I’m gonna do whatever makes me SMILE?



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