March 6, 2016

Have Your Wine & Drink it Too…..and still be fit

When I was in my weight loss phase I tried almost every diet out there. Well at least the ones that were popular at the given moment. Brace yourself, there were a lot.

First there was the Atkins diet, yeah remember that one! It just was so much protein. SO. MUCH. PROTEIN. I ended up dreaming about bread and craving carbs so badly it hurt. I did juice cleanses and during those all I wanted was some freaking protein! Then there was LA weight loss. Talk about uncomfortable. That little stint I got so hungry I wanted to eat my damn arm off. I did all the juice, low carb, lose 10 pounds in 3 days type of diets. I can use one word to describe all of these…MISERABLE. I was starving, uncomfortable and completely miserable. And guess what they all failed. Yes I gained all my weight back, or I stopped because it was so uncomfortable.

Ok truth be told I actually don’t drink that much. But when I want a drink, I have it. I don’t feel guilty, I don’t dwell on it….I drink it and I enjoy it. And honestly that goes for anything; cupcakes, pizza, and burgers. Mainly because I know if I truly want it then I’m going to eat it and move on with my life. Otherwise, I end up binging on something I really didn’t want to begin with, like the box of Cheese It’s in the pantry….true story. And then I feel guilty and upset with myself for not eating what I really wanted to begin with. What a waste of a perfectly good cheat meal.


If you look at people who have been successful with weight loss, it’s because they are consistent and they have a diet that they can maintain long term. Their diet fits their goals and their lifestyle. Really it’s about figuring out what works for you. Everyone is different because goals, daily life, and what people are willing to give up, differ. Whether you are maintaining fitness or losing weight, diet is really a trade off. Figuring out what you are willing to give up and what you are not, is important to your success.

I personally am not willing to give up my weekend cheat meal. I like my weekly cheat meals, I look forward to them, and they help me feel balanced in my life. They allow me to connect with friends and family over a good meal, and help me focus on clean eating through out the week. Other people might want their wine with dinner, or their chocolate after dinner. Really you can make almost anything work for you as long as you choose it in moderation, (yes that means you can’t have pizza and donuts every day) and work your nutritional plan around it.


So if you have one item or meal you really want, just allow yourself to have it guilt free and then move on with your daily healthy diet and fitness plan. If you are working hard and eating healthy most of the time, one cupcake or glass of wine is not going to throw you off. I believe it actually helps you stay focused and maintain the long term commitment to your health. Because truthfully in the end it’s all about balance.
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