August 21, 2016

How to Embrace the Warrior Within and Train Like a Beast for the Warrior Dash

So you are gonna run the Warrior Dash? There is something so thrilling about the Warrior Dash. The obstacles, the challenge, the mud. What’s not to like?

When you are in a environment that truly allows you to challenge your physical and mental toughness, you really experience the rush of success. There is something so powerful about overcoming actual obstacles in the race. You can take the feeling of success back into your everyday life, and have the courage to tackle life’s obstacles as well. There isn’t anything you can’t tackle. Bring it on!


But how do you train for the Warrior Dash, in a way that will make you successful on your race day? Here are some things you’ll want to incorporate into your training routine as you prepare for your big day.

The Warrior dash is going to be a large part cardio endurance. So making sure your cardio conditioning is at it’s best for the race is really important. Of course you can stop and take breaks when you need them, but preparing your body for the cardio portions of the race will help you feel successful in the end. And it will also help your body not fatigue before you get to the finish line.

Exercise Ideas:
1. HIIT training (High Intensity Interval Training)
HIIT can be done on cardio machines or through a weighted circuit. It involves getting your heart rate up very high for a short time, and then bring it back down through “active recovery” (bringing your heart rate down when you are moving slower), or from rest ( actually stopping movement all together until heart rate comes down). And then repeating that cycle.
2. Stair Machine
3. Incline & Flat Treadmill running

FIT TIP: Try to extend your cardio by 5 mins each week, in preparation for the race. So if you start out being able to only do 20 consecutive minutes, the following week make it 25 mins. This will help you develop and work on your cardio endurance.


There is a lot of upper body strength that you will need for the obstacles at the warrior dash. You can increase your upper body strength in time for race day by working on these exercise frequently.

Exercises Ideas:
4. Grip strength
You can work on grip strength in your weighted workouts by lifting heavier weights. Also try holding on to a pull-up bar and doing a dead hang for 30 seconds to a minute if possible.

5. Pull ups and Rows
Any type of Pull-up and Row will help to increase the strength in your Lats and your Back. Your “Lats” or Latissimus Dorsi are the main muscles involved in pulling actions. In the Warrior Dash you will be using your pulling muscles quite frequently.

6. Bicep curls
Strong biceps can help your endurance during most of the obstacles during the race. You can do any type of bicep curls to develop your strength, but try higher reps between 12-20 to develop your endurance.


Even though training with your body weight might seem easier than resistance/weight training, don’t be fooled. This is an important element to increasing your agility for the obstacles in the race. Here are a few exercises to incorporate into your routine.

Exercise Ideas:
7. Ladder drills
There are lots of different ladder drills you can do, and many different variations. Any ladder drill will help get your agility up to speed for race day.

8. Balance training
Whether you are balancing on one leg, or working on balance stability with a balance beam, 1/2 foam roll, or a bosu ball. Working and training your stability muscles will help allow you to stabilize your body properly during quick movements on the course.

9. Bear crawls & army crawls
Crawling movements take a lot of concentration and coordination to pull off. There are several obstacles you might encounter on the race that had a crawling aspect to them. Practicing these movements will help boost your speed on race day.
Whether this is your first or tenth obstacle race you will love participating in the Warrior Dash. Have fun`getting ready for success with the training ideas in this article. The Warrior Dash will having you digging deep and pulling out the warrior within you!


To register and find out more about The Warrior Dash click here.

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