August 29, 2016

Mesquite Corn and Veggie Salad

This salad was a hit! It was a nice way to enjoy the last tastes of summer. Although it’s a dish you could enjoy year round.


2 corn on the Cobs
1 avocado cut up into small pieces
1 Cup grape tomatoes
1/4 cup cilantro
1 Tbsp Yellow Mustard
1/4 cup red onions
1 TBSP Organic Mesquite powder MRM superfoods



Cook the corn on the cob. I choose to cook mine in the microwave because that way is fast and easy, and I’m all about easy cooking. But if you’d like to grill it, go for it. Either way it will make a great side dish.

If you are microwaving, cut off the stock end of the corn cob, leave the rest of the husk on and microwave for 3 minutes. The corn should easily come out of the cob after it’s cooked.

Cut all the corn off of the cob and place it into a bowl. Then add the tomatoes, red onions, mustard and stir. When it is blended stir in the Organic Mesquite powder MRM superfoods
and half of the cilantro. Before serving gently fold in the cut up avocado, and top with the remaining cilantro.

This is a really fresh tasting veggie salad side. It made the whole family happy!


Thank you to MRM for awesome products.

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