November 13, 2014

Weight Loss Strategies that Worked for Me

I am not an expert in fitness or a nutrition but I do have real life experience losing weight and being successful. It’s really is just eating right and exercise. However, there are other small things I found worked for me that I recommend to anyone who asks. THE WORKOUT 1) Push yourself to the limits (safely), and be kind to yourself at the same time. Go into a workout and do what you can do with where ever your body is at. Give 100% during workouts, and don’t sell yourself short. You … [Read more...]

October 8, 2014

Weight Lifting for Scaredy Cats: Review on Jamie Eason’s Livefit Trainer

I survived Jamie Eason’s 12 week Livefit program, I freaking made it!   It was a hard 12 weeks but it was so worth it. If you don’t know what it is, I’ll give you a rundown in this post. First off it’s FREE, that’s right free. It’s also really good, especially for beginner weightlifters like me.  You can find the program on I have become a bit of a fitness junkie this last year, but I was more of a cardio fiend. I would do intense cardio 5 or more times a week. I ended … [Read more...]

October 2, 2014

Supplements, Oh the Confusion!

I walked into GNC looking to buy some supplements for my workouts. I entered as an eager fitness goer, ready to “better myself”. The burly salesman tried to sell me a slew of things off the shelves. He was giving me his best pitch but he might as well have been speaking in a foreign language, because it did not make a bit of sense to me. I’m sure he could tell I was confused by the look on my face. Needless to say, I left the store empty handed and more confused than ever. I decided to do some … [Read more...]

September 25, 2014

Back After Babies – It is possible!

I’m an everyday mom and I was finally able to find my health, strength, and confidence again and this is my fitness story. There was a time when my weight fluctuated a lot, during and in between my pregnancies. Just like most women my pregnancies took a toll on my body. Okay we all have those friends that still fit in their size 2 jeans right after they have their babies, that was not me. Well I wished it was me, but it was not. Don’t get me wrong, it was such an amazing thing to be able to … [Read more...]

July 26, 2014

Sweaty Band DIY Tutorial

        DIY sweaty bands are super easy to make and they stay in place during your entire work out…seriously!  I'm going to take you through the steps to make them yourself. It is super easy! Materials Ribbon -in any color or thickness you like Velvet ribbon- to match the thickness of top ribbon Matching thread black elastic (you can buy at any fabric department)   Directions 1) cut ribbon and velvet 18" long.  Cut black elastic about 4 inches long, … [Read more...]