November 10, 2015

When is Fitness too Much?

Someday you eat salads and go to the gym, and somedays

This is something I have been  struggling with a little bit recently, and I’ve really been processing over what “balance” looks like for me in my life. It’s really got me reflecting on where I’ve been in the past in my fitness journey, and where I’m headed. My question: When is it too much?

Over the last year my fitness journey has been very goal driven, ultra focused and detailed oriented down to the last macro! I LOVE focus, I LOVE goals….but sometimes goals and focus can lead to a lopsided life balance. I am such a perfectionist type “A” personality. I like to do everything correctly, and know the reason “why” behind anything and everything that I do. I learn, learn, learn and research, research, research. I completely immerse myself in what I’m interested in…and I have always have been this way.

But when is it too much? Well I think the truth is it depends on the person. One set of goals and focus might seem too much for someone, where it’s a perfect fit for someone else. It’s really personal perspective that dictates if it is “too much”. If you feel like your fitness habits are cutting into your life and as a result making you feel unhappy then maybe it’s time to take a step back and figure out how you can regain some balance. Balance equals happiness, and fitness should make you feel strong and happy!

How can you regain balance?

  1. Change your workout routine and daily routine.
  2. Set more realistic fitness goals.
  3. Give yourself positive self talk.
  4. Figure out what sacrifices you will need to make to meet your fitness goals, and if you are willing to do that or not. If not, then change your GOAL!  Below is a link to a GREAT article on the benefits and tradeoffs to a lean physique.                      
  5. Take true rest days.
  6. Set aside quality time for family and friends.

Balance is such a personal perspective and we all have our idea of what that looks like in our lives. I believe our sense of balance is always evolving as we are evolving. But bottom line, fitness should be adding to your life! So do what makes you happy, and balanced bliss is just a quick fix away!
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