November 20, 2016

Why Doing Things That Suck Make Us Better

I recently had someone ask me in relation to my most recent show prep, “Why do you do this if it’s hard?”

I guess the question slightly took me off guard. But it was a valid question. I didn’t have to do anything “hard.” Why would any of us choose to do things that make us uncomfortable or things that aren’t “fun” all the time, and by choice? Are we all losing it?

From my perspective, hard things are the most worth while things in my life. After all, hard does not mean impossible. But hard things, are just that. Hard. They can suck. They aren’t fun, or comfortable all the time. They can knock the wind out of us, kick us on our ass, and leave our world upside down. If we are lucky, we will make it through and then ask for more. But why? Why do we do this to ourselves?

So in response to the question, here is what I say.

We should choose to do hard things because…

1. They give confidence to tackle other “hard” things. They challenge our abilities in the face of struggle. They test our grit and passion to keep pushing through, even when we don’t feel like it. And through those challenges we learn how to have the strength to tackle challenges in other areas of our lives.

2. They test who we are as resilient human beings. Coming back from struggle of any type instills a resiliency in who we are as human beings. It shows us our ability to bounce back from negative, and choose to focus on the positive. And they allow us to define ourselves through our strengths.

3. They make life interesting. I mean, can you imagine a life with no challenges? I can’t either. Even though “hard” things aren’t always easy…they sure do make life a great ride.

4. They allow for mental and physical growth into a more complete person. The push and drive to continually do things that are hard, shape our character. They change our belief system about ourselves and teach us what digging deep is truly about.

5. And bottom line….we are strong, we are capable an we should do hard things because we freaking CAN!

Hard things and difficult situations make us mentally and physically stronger. They are good for us. They allow us to continue to grow as human beings and as athletes. So next time you are faced with a challenge or a situation that isn’t easy remember, with every hard opportunity lies the space to improve, learn and grow. And that is a life worth living.

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